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"I make everyday people...
...feel like a model"

Tamiz U. Rezvi
Brooklyn, NY

"Photography isn't work for me. It is a form of meditation."
- Tamiz U. Rezvi
TUR Photography



In any case the about me page is use to describe who a person is. Well, I am honestly horrible at writing about myself. And lets be honest, you're here looking to hire a photographer who has talented work that you feel will express YOUR thoughts and ideas. That is what I am here to do. So instead of writing an autobiography, I will simply list my accomplishment on my journey through photography. 

As my journey in photography continues, I will update this page as I gain more accomplishments. Thank you all for your love and support. Don't forget to like me on my facebook page, where you will be able to have one on one interaction with me! Facebook.com/TURPhotography


2013 is coming to an end. As mentioned in my birthday post, so many accomplishments have been made. Finally I get to share with you my winning image!!! Lucky for me this time around, the Popular Photography Magazine has been kind enough to give me a tear sheet of image along with the article that has been printed in their January 2014 issue page 70. Without further ado here is the image:

Not just this!!! There is a newspaper out in Bulgaria that has run an article about my winning image all thanks to the model, Silviya Taseva, who also happens to be Miss Bulgaria USA 2013. Here is a screen shot of the newspaper article:

This will probably be my last entry here for 2013. All I want to say to whoever that is reading this. I THANK YOU for your support. Without you I wouldn't have reach as far as I have. I hope you have a GREAT holiday, and a GREAT start to you new year in 2014. Till next year, HAPPY HOLIDAY AND A HAPPY YEAR 2014!!!

December 1st, 2013


Well it has been awhile since I've updated this. I was actually waiting to update this WAY later. But I figure what can be a better night to update rather than my own birthday? 

2013 has so far been another successful year. So many accomplishments have been done. During the summer I've created a networking group in facebook called "The TUR Network". This network was to help all types of creative artist located within 100 miles of NYC to network and work with each other. If you are an artist and fall within the range ask to join www.facebook.com/groups/TheTURnetwork

With the many raising members within the network, I had decide to do what I do best; put together another networking event. But this time the networking event was themed based. More so the theme was called "Candy and Color". Basically the models would have makeup done based on a candy of choice and the color would really pop out! It was a VERY successful event. So successful that there will be more to come!!! Already planing one for winter. 

Lets get into the awards category here.

I've been selected as FINALIST for 'Best of Photography 2013' by Photographer's Forum Magazine.

I've once again WON "Popular Photographer Magazine Readers Choice Photographer of the Year 2013"!!! I won this photographer of the year contest back in 2011. So yes people you are speaking to TWO TIMES PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR WINNER! Saying it like that sounds like those WWE championship winners lol. 

Images to my winnings will come soon as I get them as they will be published in books and magazines. 

With all my success I can say this; I am currently in my hotel room in Los Cabos, Mexico on vacation. If my success in photography didn't go as well as it did, I wouldn't be writing this blog/bio from this beautiful country as I am right now. 

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! I will continue to produce the best I have to give and more!!! 


March 2013

I did my first ever plus size boudoir shoot, and the model happened to submit the images taken to "Full Blossom Magazine". Needless to say it was published!!!

Click here to see a preview: http://issuu.com/fullblossommagazine/docs/fbmvolume8/79


July 2012

Had an opportunity to shoot at FFFW for Inclusion Magazine, which is based out in Ohio. The show was held in NY. Here is a preview of my spread printed in their magazine:


June 18th, 2012

Featured in an event by Artist Wanted called Art Takes Time Sq:


January 2012

Published on the COVER of Popular Photography Magazine Jan., 2012 after being voted "POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY 2011 18TH ANNUAL READERS' PHOTO CONTEST." With images printed inside magazine within a few pages. 


November 2011

Attended American Photo Magazines "American Photo Model Shoot" as GUEST BLOGGER for Sigma.


September 2011

Won my very FIRST contest with Sigma. Sigma is a company that builds amazing lens, a product that I've used along with my Canon EOS Rebel XS, and my Canon EOS 7D. The contest was for a professional photographer to critique my work and give me some advice on how to improve myself. This win, led me to be a guest blogger for the sigma website.